Our “Making Mandalas” Class is Magical!

Looking for a fun way to relax?

We’ve got you covered! Our Making Mandalas class uses the ancient art form of mandalas to put the mind at ease.

The majority of adult coloring books on the market today are full of these beautiful, mandala designs. Over 12 million adult coloring books were sold last year, so you know its gotta be good if that many people are buying it, right?

What’s a mandala? Well, just look for a circle design with a center, as well as picture-perfect symmetry and you’ve got it! Mandala is actually Sanskrit for “circle,” or “center,” and have been around as far back as the 9th century.

Just this past Wednesday, our residents enjoyed a relaxing class of Making Mandalas – you could tell because it was so quiet in the room you could hear a pin drop! One resident came by on her way back from a shopping trip and said, “I’m so glad I stopped by,” after finishing a beautiful flower mandala design.

We hope to see you next month for the second round of our Making Mandalas – make sure to come to the art room on March 21st at 11 a.m. – we’ll make sure to save a seat for you!


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