Home Health Provided by Fountains Home Health

As a resident of The Town Center you’ll appreciate the independence that The Fountains at Home brings to your lifestyle. If you require a helping hand on occasion, our in-house home health care professionals will help you get back to doing the stuff you enjoy by providing an array of short- or long-term home care services.

And, as with so many aspects of Fountains living, flexibility and choice are key to our home health care services. Because your care program is not contracted from an outside agency, you’ll be assured of availability of services and preferred access, flexibility of scheduling and centralized record keeping that will have all the details of your care at your caregivers’ fingertips. That adds up to a continuity of care you’ll really notice.

And, of course, The Fountains at Home brings with it the assurance of Fountains quality of service. We’re right there in the community, tailoring your care to your individual needs. We think you’ll like the results.