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Eastern Market Outing – The Largest Historic Market in the Country

Eastern Market

Our residents took a trip to the largest historic market in the country, Eastern Market in Downtown Detroit. Eastern Market is located in the heart of the city with fresh food, restaurants, businesses, art and culture and over 150 years of rich history. Many of our residents remember making a stop at the market as part of their Saturday routine. The market has expanded days of operation. On Tuesdays, there is a scaled-down, more relaxed version of the Saturday Market for stocking up on fresh produce, baked goods and meats or just for a casual walk down memory lane to take in the sights. There are many new restaurants and other business that are also open during the week. For lunch our residents enjoyed the fabulous tasty fare at the restaurant Sala Thai. There is no better way to spend a midsummer afternoon. Everyone had a great time!

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